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Feeling speechless as a young girl

Chicago, IL, USA


My sister attempts to murder me.

Chicago, IL, USA


test gif

London, UK



11C Wynnstay Rd, Prahran VIC 3181, Australia


Be safe and don’t be distracted by girls

Bali, Indonesia


Magnum is more than a drink, it’s an attitude

London SW8 5BZ, UK

Racism is well and alive in the workplace


I went to this job interview to sell medical devices, like pacemakers and stethoscopes etc. I was a bit nervous because my mum told me if I didn’t get a job soon then she would beat me like it was the 1990’s. So I was sweating crazy.

The man called me in to the interview and he was some dead white guy. He looked like a bank account. He asked if I wanted a drink and I said, ‘yo get me a tea, two sugars, little bit of milk, keep it strong yeah’. He thought I was Johnny BigBalls. Turns out he weren’t on that. He wanted to keep the prize for the bulgiest balls. So he went at me. Im just some punde Asian guy so I was nothing compared to his porcelain brilliance.

Im sitting there chilling in the interview thinking ‘yeah he’s gonna talk about my strengths and weaknesses’ and then bam out of nowhere he’s like, ‘so fella, are you going to have an arranged marriage?’. I was shook, thinking that I had come into this interview drinking chai and bobbing my head, the way he thought I was straaaaaaaight off the boat’. I couldn’t really talk so I said ‘no’. The interview went on for another two hours, he kept tryna talk about my family and it basically got down to ‘my dads dick is bigger than your dads dick’.

Racism is well and alive in the workplace

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