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Feeling speechless as a young girl

Chicago, IL, USA


My sister attempts to murder me.

Chicago, IL, USA


test gif

London, UK



11C Wynnstay Rd, Prahran VIC 3181, Australia


Be safe and don’t be distracted by girls

Bali, Indonesia


Magnum is more than a drink, it’s an attitude

London SW8 5BZ, UK

Most people only pretend to be nice


Got this great place that I go to grab some Turkish takeaway and chat with my mate who works there. Or I used to.

Been going to this place now for about two years now, a regular place to grab some food which is well cooked and clean. I’m a good spending regular customer. Main reason for going in though is to see my friend who works there. We share smokes and drinks, and we have good chats and help each other out when we can, no questions asked. His uncle runs the place, and I’ve always treated him with respect, even calling him Uncle at times. But parts of me knew that slyly, he weren’t that safe with me.


One day I grab some food. It was the next day I realised that something felt wrong. I checked my account and saw he had over-charged me £1.50 on my card. I had felt that in the past he had done this before so it was time to confront him. So I walked down to the shop and explained the situation. As I told him the issue, he began to swear in Arabic and then began to tell me in English how he would only ever undercharge customers, calling me a “fucking tramp” coming to “beg back money”. Bare in mind that I never came on an aggressive hype, just to clarify things.  Once however I showed him the receipt and card and noted that nothing in the shop amounted to £1.50, he realised he had overcharged me. This probably happened plenty of times, it’s just this time I clocked it. He began to give back my money and was acting all sweet again and telling me “next time you come in you shoul-”. That’s when I cut him off and told him he was a class A1 wanker and he’s a cheating fake, and I ain’t ever coming back there.

Fight ensued, man was trying to tell me he could beat up to a pulp, yet he couldn’t even drag me out of his shop. He claimed he could buy me, my parents and my whole family. I don’t know what that’s supposed to even mean? He criticized the cost of my clothes and my lack of car. He kept talking about his money, as if he was a G Star Baller. It led me to believe the man had gone completely insane over money. Serving meat for 20 years, same manual routine, had given him plenty of money, but nowt else. So he measured everyone on money. He called his own nephew (my friend) a “bastard tramp too”. I don’t have the money he has, but value my life no less than his. He screamed about how much property he owned. “My dad’s bigger than your dad” stuff. He even got racist to me, ironic considering he’s from Turkey. So I traded insults to him, and took them way too far. Good. I let him know that you can have all the suburban dreams/nightmares you want; average house/car/wife/children/job. But don’t flaunt it like it’s something to put others down. And money, definitely, definitely, definitely, doesn’t buy you class. And I got bags of that over him.

Most people only pretend to be nice

This post was written by Guy Bennett

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