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Feeling speechless as a young girl

Chicago, IL, USA


My sister attempts to murder me.

Chicago, IL, USA


test gif

London, UK



11C Wynnstay Rd, Prahran VIC 3181, Australia


Be safe and don’t be distracted by girls

Bali, Indonesia


Magnum is more than a drink, it’s an attitude

London SW8 5BZ, UK

Be careful of what you eat abroad


Gareth Vidod used to be a stand up guy. But then he betrayed me, for a dog.

Me and Gareth used to travel to China every year to teach Science in the public school system. We had been doing this for 4 years for 6 months a year.

Whilst in Chengdu, I went to a local noodle joint for some rice. It used to cost $0.50. But then a waiter asked me if I wanna try it with special meat. I said yes to the mystery meat. Gareth comes in and sits down with me. As we are chatting, the plate of meat comes over. I start gnashing and gnawing away. Gareth takes a bite. He loved it. So once a week, every week, we would go and have the same meal. One day, a local comes in and comments, “Oh very nice and traditional, woof woof”.

Gareth’s face melted. We had been eating dog. 12 years ago, Gareth’s dog had perished whilst saving his niece from falling in a canal. This was bad karma. Gareth stood up from the table, crying and threw his chopsticks at me. One bounced off the top and hit me in the eye. Our relationship was finished.

Be careful of what you eat abroad

This post was written by Trisha Cornrose

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